Visitors all around the world descend on the land of beautiful horses for romantic getaways, honeymoons or adventure. With its fairy chimneys and hot air balloons, Cappadocia, located in central Turkey, is a world-renowned touristic region also famous for wine tasting and horse riding tours. Cappadocia is known throughout the world for its underground cities, unique rock formations and ancient churches carved into hillsides and caves. The region is an open air museum for travelers who like to walk inside, touch, and feel the ancient structures as their ancient creators had done thousands of years ago. The renowned galleries of hand-made pots, ceramics and rugs present a perfect choice for shopping or owning a gift that will forever remind you of breathtaking Cappadocia. 

AMAZE offers a variety of unique excursion packages that turn your stay into an experience of a lifetime, in the land that has witnessed the rise of the first civilizations. Private hot air balloon tours, ancient pottery workshops, picnics in the terrace gardens facing the Guvercinlik Valley, off-roading safari excursion and wine tasting events are only a few of the highlights of Cappadocia.




Looking down from atop the Uçhisar Valley, the unearthly setting of Ariana Sustainable Luxury Lodge is sci-fi spectacular. Overseeing a unique perspective of the volcanic landscape’s minaret-like needles and waxy formations, this is a region of unfathomable history. Luxury suites are exquisitely decorated with an inviting ambience to transform your stay into a one       of a kind experience.



A maze of caves and underground tunnels housing a devilishly decadent wine cellar, Argos in Cappadocia is located in the ancient village of Uçhisar. Rooms have been crafted, rather than built from the local stone and are elegantly simple and stylish with Seljuk and Ottoman touches as a reminder of the centuries-old civilizations. Most rooms have views of the lush gardens or sun terraces along with underground cave pools.



A stunning design coup in the heart of Cappadocia’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sacred House is something from a parallel universe. An ambitious restoration and interior design project, it’s the former home of a Greek aristocrat. Each of the 21 rooms is uniquely decorated with a specific period and culture in mind. Sacred House’s underground luxury spa located in a volcanic cave setting includes a pool and an authentic Turkish hammam.



Exedra Hotel, Cappadocia’s collection of stone houses and volcanic caves, provide rustic-luxe accommodation. Inside you will find is a labyrinthine den filled with original features, fireplaces, domed ceilings, alcoves and age-old frescoes lit by candles and moody lighting. Vaulted corridors lead to guest rooms and suites of different shapes and sizes awash with natural materials, Persian patterns and exposed stone walls.




From Ariana Sustainable Lodge’s sun terraces and fruitful vineyard, The Plum Restaurant offers the best wine-tasting experience in Uchisar and Cappadocia. Enjoy contemporary Mediterranean cuisine made from local seasonal farm-fresh ingredients. Our handpicked Executive Chefs create various menus throughout the year based on the season’s harvest for the most unique meal options.



With its fairy chimneys and hot air balloons, Cappadocia, in central Turkey, is a world-renowned touristic region famous for horse trekking, ancient pottery workshops, off-roading and underground city tours. Ariana Sustainable Luxury Lodge offers a variety of unique excursion packages that will make your stay an experience of a lifetime.



Once you see Cappadocia from above, you might never want to leave. The deluxe flight option is a journey of fun that takes approximately 1.5 hours. Smaller balloons and baskets are used in order to maximize your comfort and enjoyment. Enjoy the sun rise above the Mighty Erciyes mountain and the valleys, where you witness amazing nature and ancient structures. 



Cappadocia’s local tastes mainly focus on meat and farm fresh herbs and vegetables. The Plum, Seki, Reserved, Muti and Elai are some of the best restaurants where you can experience real Cappadocian cuisine along with the authentic atmosphere.



Experience the natural beauty of Göreme in a unique and memorable way. On horseback, you will explore sweeping valleys and reach hidden scenic lookouts that may be difficult or impossible to reach on foot. At sunrise, watch hundreds of hot air balloons drifting up over the horizon.



Discover the hidden treasures of Cappadocia with a SUV and a private driver. Your route starts with Göreme located among the "fairy chimney" rock formations, then you take a ride to Derinkuyu underground city to explore the ancient site filled with mystery and amazing structure.

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