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Turkey is home to some of the oldest civilizations that shaped world history. It reflects a diverse portrait of culture, traditions and architecture by The Hittities, Ancient Greeks, and the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. Recent archeological studies even show that the land’s history dates back to 12.000 BC with the discovery of the oldest temple in human history, Gobeklitepe. The mighty Istanbul joining the two continents, offers both historical reflections and urban sensations of the contemporary metropolitan lifestyle. Bodrum is a diamond in the heart of the Aegean with endless shores of golden sand, emerald nature and deep blue sea. Cappadocia, the land of beautiful horses is the right choice to experience a romantic vacation, honeymoon or adventure travel with its fairy chimneys, hot air balloon tours, natural terrace gardens, horse trekking tours and world renowned wine. AMAZE brings together the best selection of destinations and exclusive excursions in Turkey for your pleasure. 



Istanbul is the only city in the world that straddles two continents, at the crossroads of civilizations. It has a long history and culture, with many museums and sites to explore. As much for its tourist haunts and delightful way of life, the city also offers a variety of unique experiences. Some examples of these unique experiences offered by AMAZE are: a private Bosphorus tour aboard an Ottoman imperial caique, a visit to the hotel room in Pera Palace where Agatha Christie wrote the famous “Murder on the Orient Express” and an authentic gourmet taste tour in Karakoy and Galata, an exclusive shopping experience along with a visit to the artisian studios of the famous Turkish designers.


Istanbul is also famous for its international venues, shows and events such as the Mercedes-Benz Istanbul Fashion Week, International Jazz Festival and Istanbul Contemporary Art and Biennal. Allow us to plan your attendance at one of these VIP events and enjoy unique privileges with AMAZE. Our personal tour agents design a custom-made route including excursions of your interest.



Visitors all around the world descend on the land of beautiful horses for romantic getaways, honeymoons or adventure. With its fairy chimneys and hot air balloons, Cappadocia, located in central Turkey, is a world-renowned touristic region also famous for wine tasting and horse riding tours. Cappadocia is known throughout the world for its underground cities, unique rock formations and ancient churches carved into hillsides and caves. The region is an open air museum for travelers who like to walk inside, touch, and feel the ancient structures as their ancient creators had done thousands of years ago. The renowned galleries of hand-made pots, ceramics and rugs present a perfect choice for shopping or owning a gift that will forever remind you of breathtaking Cappadocia. 

AMAZE offers a variety of unique excursion packages that turn your stay into an experience of a lifetime, in the land that has witnessed the rise of the first civilizations. Private hot air balloon tours, ancient pottery workshops, picnics in the terrace gardens facing the Guvercinlik Valley, off-roading safari excursion and wine tasting events are only a few of the highlights of Cappadocia.



Bodrum is a port city in the southwestern region of Aegean Coast, renowned in antiquity under its ancient name, Halicarnassus. It is the home of underwater archeology of shipwrecks dating back centuries. Due to its vast diversity, from its stirring historical heritage to its contemporary exhilarating way of life, Bodrum is one of the most popular holiday resorts on the Aegean Sea. Golden sand beaches, refreshing blue bays, boutique hotels and trendy restaurants and clubs welcome a variety of international adventure seekers. More than any other Turkish seaside getaway, it has an enigmatic elegance that pervades it from the town's crowning castle and glittering marina to its white-plastered houses and backstreets. 

​In Bodrum, you have the best options to taste both local and international gourmet flavors at famous fine-dining restaurants with great view and fresh seafood. Extensive SPAs are at your service to pamper yourself, while private yacht touring along the Aegean Coast offer a unique perspective of historical sites such as Didim and Ephesus.



A full-day Aegean Riviera tour starting with a wine tasting session and a guided walk in Urla town, followed by a fancy lunch in Çeşme Marina, a visit to the histori- cal Çeşme Castle and a sun & sea experience in the golden beaches of Alaçatı.


Çeşme is a favorite sun-and-beach resort town, due west of Izmir and the largest metropolitan center in Turkey's Aegean Region. Unlike many resort towns on the Aegean coast, Çeşme has retained a local population and flavor with a long waterfront area perfect for promenading. A daily escape to Chios, the famous Greek island, is only a boat ride away from the Cesme port. A variety of luxury and boutique hotels, marinas, clubs, restaurants and extensive SPAs are found in its surrounding villages as well as the countryside.

​Located in the west of Izmir and in the center of the peninsula bearing its name, Urla's history dates to ancient times and has an important role in today’s boutique wine production. Experience the best local wine varieties with an in-depth infor- mation by wine experts in Urla. You will be able to taste 9 reserve wines from differ- ent producers while enjoying a special cheese plate and delicious appetizers in 3 different vineyards. 



We can design tailor-made experiences all over Turkey. Besides the renowned destinations such as Istanbul and Cappadocia, our multi-day programs include Mardin, Trabzon, Çanakkale and Urfa.

Mardin overlooking the Mesopotamian valley is home to various ancient cultures and colonies of Assyrians, Romans, Arabs and Ottomans. You’ll be dazzled by the unique stone architecture of the Old City with narrow streets colliding the majestic courtyards. This daily-tour takes you to the highlights of Mardin including the Old City, Midyat and Dara Ancient City. Çanakkale, also known as the ancient Dardanellia, is a historical settlement on the southern shore of the Dardanelles. The region is also famous for vineyards and majority of the wine producers are located in Eceabat. The main attractions of this full-day Çanakkale tour include Eceabat wine tasting experience, a visit to Gallipoli where the Northern Gallipoli Battlefields took place and the city of Ancient Troy.

For a full list of multi-day tours and your special requests, please contact us to access our catalogue.

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