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A full-day Aegean Riviera tour starting with a wine tasting session and a guided walk in Urla town, followed by a fancy lunch in Çeşme Marina, a visit to the histori- cal Çeşme Castle and a sun & sea experience in the golden beaches of Alaçatı.


Çeşme is a favorite sun-and-beach resort town, due west of Izmir and the largest metropolitan center in Turkey's Aegean Region. Unlike many resort towns on the Aegean coast, Çeşme has retained a local population and flavor with a long waterfront area perfect for promenading. A daily escape to Chios, the famous Greek island, is only a boat ride away from the Cesme port. A variety of luxury and boutique hotels, marinas, clubs, restaurants and extensive SPAs are found in its surrounding villages as well as the countryside.

​Located in the west of Izmir and in the center of the peninsula bearing its name, Urla's history dates to ancient times and has an important role in today’s boutique wine production. Experience the best local wine varieties with an in-depth infor- mation by wine experts in Urla. You will be able to taste 9 reserve wines from differ- ent producers while enjoying a special cheese plate and delicious appetizers in 3 different vineyards. 


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